We are the map on your way to success

We are a dynamic, qualified and constantly evolving consulting company,
which is based on a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and experience of its consultants and partners
in all professional consulting and advisory services provided.

Selected projects

We like to work on meaningful projects. Above average is the standard for us, we pay attention to details and we finish things to the end
so that we can be proud of the results of projects. We always compare the offered solutions with the best ones at home and abroad,
we raise the bar of our clients to become a benchmark for others and thus set a mirror for their competition in the field.

About us


We are a dynamic and constantly evolving company, which stands on a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and experience of its employees and partners in all the professional consulting and management services we provide.

Our goal

Our goal is the client's satisfaction with the results of mutual cooperation, which we try to achieve on the basis of constantly evolving high intellectual capital of our company.

Our vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading specialized consulting companies in our region based on the expertise and professionalism of our team with a strong link to customer satisfaction.

Our work

We work mainly on a project basis, where the individual project teams include permanent members of our professional team, client representatives as well as invited external specialists.

Our professional team

Our team includes both young and creative consultants, as well as experienced partners and, last but not least, professional experts from various fields. We constantly educate our people and invest primarily in the development of their intellectual capital.

Ing. Roman Cingel

Ing. Roman Cingel

Managing director

Ing. Michal Homola

Ing. Michal Homola

Senior consultant

Ing. Michal Benčaj

Ing. Michal Benčaj

Consulting specialist

Our clients

In our company, client is always a member of our team throughout the whole project. Based on mutual cooperation we share the knowledge and expertise with the client gained from successfully implemented projects in various areas of public, private and non-profit sector.


Client references

Vysoká profesionalita, odbornosť a spoľahlivosť - to sú hlavné piliere, o ktoré sa pri spolupráci s CMA Group pri správe projektu karty hosťa - PARK SNOW Card a DMS/rezervačného systému Deskline v lyžiarskom stredisku PARK SNOW Donovaly môžeme oprieť už takmer 10 rokov.
Miroslav Dobrota
Miroslav Dobrota
PARK SNOW Donovaly
Veľká spokojnosť s precíznosťou spracovania dát a prezentácie výsledkov konzultačných projektov "Obnova navigačno-informačného systému mesta" a "Pasportizácia reklamných stavieb", ktoré pre mesto Liptovský Mikuláš spoločnosť CMA Services v uplynulom období realizovala.
Gabriel Lengyel
Gabriel Lengyel
Liptovský Mikuláš Municipality